KIA Learning House Project Staff

Jacky Lyimo - Team Leader

This is Jacky Lyimo, she is currently the Team Leader and Head Teacher. She has also been the backbone of this project and did the impossible during very hard times.  Her dedication to the students is an inspiration to me and her strength is already inspiring the young girls in the village not used to seeing an independent young woman running such a big project. She is a certified Montessori Early Education teacher and a trained Project Based Learning educator.  

She keeps the project working on time and on budget.  She is the co-creator of our curriculum and our school culture. She is not only a teacher, but she is also now a farmer and community leader.  

Matinga Ragatz - Project Manager

Matinga is a multiple-award winning educator and instructional innovation consultant. Her experience as a teacher and instructional innovator has led her to redefine learning and has developed a trusted voice through which she strives to revolutionize the way children learn and the way teachers teach.

Matinga's international background inspires a unique perspective on classroom instruction, learning, and innovation. Her passion for teaching has led her to work to inspire, support, and influence creative educators worldwide. Matinga thrives when helping educators understand their value as professionals. She inspires teachers to encourage ownership and create real-world engagement within their classrooms utilizing the innovative strategies that she has developed and successfully implemented over 20 years. Among many accolades, she has served as Michigan Teacher of the Year and in 2017 was inducted in the United States National Teacher Hall of Fame. Learn more about Matinga at