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Since 2015, BioNaturals has been supporting Jacky Lyimo and Matinga Ragatz to create a school concept in the KIA region of Arusha, Tanzania to serve the population of Maasai children from the nearby villages. Construction of a first school building was completed in 2018. The school now serves 35 children and continues to grow.

Jacky is a Tanzanian educator, whose mission is to create homegrown and inspiring learning opportunities for children who have little or no access to quality schooling, by designing an innovative self-sustaining school model customized for the needs of the students of each community.

We at BioNaturals are grateful for this unique opportunity to support Matinga and her team in offering children access to a nourishing learning environment, where they can develop into future leaders of their local communities and beyond. As an international company, our success is built on the millions of consumers throughout the world, who rely on us to protect their food. So we reciprocate by seeking out ways to make a positive contribution to the global community, specifically by creating opportunities for children to develop their full potential as global citizens.

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Matinga Ragatz