Our Projects

Thank you so much for considering supporting our school.

Our Current Project: The School Expansion

We are excited to have the opportunity to expand our school this year. Currently, we can only service about 25 kids and they must attend school in 2 shifts because of lack of space. This new building would triple our current capacity by adding 2 full classrooms, office/storage space, 1 small library, 2 bathrooms and a large multipurpose outdoor classroom. The outdoor classroom will serve as an alternative learning space, dining room, community room and recreation area for recess during the rainy season.

The total cost of the construction of the physical structure is $15,000 USD and we would need an additional $5,500 to outfit the school with one-time-purchase items, (blackboards, tables and chairs, shelves and bins, floor matts, cupboards, and kitchen items etc).

With your help, we will not have to turn so many children away. We will also have the space to conduct adult literacy classes for the mothers right in our outdoor classroom space.

For more information, please contact Matinga Ragatz matingaragat@gmail.com

Kitchen Garden Fencing

In order to protect our garden from neighboring livestock, we need to fence the entire perimeter of our kitchen garden.

A protected kitchen garden will be able to feed the teachers (who live in the premises), provide full meals for the students and a surplus to sell in our school store which will provide additional income.

The kitchen garden is also where the kids learn about plants and farming.

Materials and Labor - $944.40