The Principles of KIA Learning house

1) We take care of ourselves first; only with healthy bodies, spirits, and minds can we uplift others;

We envision raising children whose actions reflect a strong sense of personal identity.  A self that would promote personal growth, development, and self-worth to support a greater sense of belonging, compassion, and service toward one’s self, family and community.

2) We create a loving and protective learning environment for the children in our care, in which they are inspired to learn;

We envision raising children who accept responsibility for our learning space. They would demonstrate a strong sense of place, including a commitment to preserve the delicate balance of life and protect it for generations to come.

3) We nurture the natural curiosity of the children in our care and support them to become responsible leaders in their community;

We envision raising children who question life, tinker, and thinking critically by building learning experiences that encourage exploration, investigation, and contributions to our school environment and community.

4) We take care of our home and school; only if our house of learning is well kept can we offer our support to the community;

We envision raising children who value our school property and learning materials then pass on those values to their homes.

5) We practice impeccable personal and house hygiene, to uphold our own health and as an important example to those in our care;

We envision raising children who value their bodies and well being to support a healthy learning environment and promote a hygienic school culture

6) We always aim to ensure sufficient access to clean drinking water for those in our care;

We envision raising children who understand the delicate balance of life that water provides for generations to come.

7) We develop and uphold financial self-sustainability, specifically and only in ways that enable those in our care to learn;

We envision a future where we can run a school a financially independent school built on creative self-sufficiency ideals and principles.

8) We shall promote and protect the rights and dignity of women of all ages, through hiring, education and in our interaction with the community;

We envision a future where our female employees are seen as equal to their male counterparts, are self-sufficient and are respected role models to other women in the community.

9) We shall support the local community, in ways that foster the principles of our endeavor;

We envision raising children who can contribute productively to the betterment of the communities even while they are in their care.

10) We shall promote the health of our planet, by acting in harmony with the natural environment and inspiring those around us to act likewise;

We envision a learning environment and academic curriculum that promotes the health of our community, our village and our planet.

11) We shall practice financial responsibility, spending money only when absolutely necessary and only to foster our sustenance and that of our school;

We envision a future where we are a self-sufficient entity.  In order to  make this a reality, we must be great stewards of every resource that is gifted to us, that we create, that we grow ,or develop.

12) In our thoughts, words, and actions, we shall foster the four principles of kindness, trust, tenacity, and integrity.